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The smoking on sieve is the gentle alternative to smoking on charcoal. Incense materials, herbs and resins are simply placed on the sieve and heated with a tealight. This type of smoking is becoming increasingly popular, as the smell keeps longer due to the gentler heat and does not disturb the secondary aroma of the coal. Besides, you do not have to pre-heat your coal and you can start right away. If you already have a fragrance lamp with a removable shell, all you need is a incense burner to get started. Of course, height-adjustable incenses are even better. These can be found quickly if you look for “incense burner”.


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Short form

  • You need a warmer, incense burner and tealight. Maybe coarse sand or aluminum foil.
  • Add incense to the sieve in small quantities. Adjust the temperature by the distance of the tealight to the sieve. It should not smell burnt.
  • For mixtures with resin, place on the aluminum foil or sand which is placed on the sieve.
  • Clean the sieve with a metal brush. Remove resin residue with fire and then brush off.
  • Watch for a level surface, refractory vessels and avoid wind.

What do you need to burn incense?

The ingredients for smoking are simply knitted. You need a warmer with a incense burner screen on it and a tealight in it. It works best with a height-adjustable warmer like an incense burner. Then you only need the smoking mixture, possibly a spoon to portion and something to light.

How do you burn incense with the incense burner?

Smoking with a sieve is easy. Put incense on top, put a tealight underneath and light it. There are only a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. Flame distance

Make sure that the distance from the tealight to the sieve fits. It should smell and it may also smoke a bit. If the smoke is too strong and it smells like burned, it is too close. This is easiest with an adjustable incense burner or similar.

  1. Burn small amounts

Put only small amounts of incense materials on, otherwise the fragrance can not develop properly.

  1. Mortar incense materials

Our incense comes fresh before shipment mortared to you. You do not need to do anything. If you want to do it yourself, please write it in your order.

Burning resins

For some resins you should pay attention to smoking on the screen: Certain resins are particularly thin and can drip through the sieve. Alufoil or coarse sand on the screen prevents that.

Cleaning the incense burner?

There are special metal brushes to clean the smoking sieve. These brushes remove residues after smoking. Resin residues, which you can not remove cold, you can burn off with a flame and then brush away the ashes.

Safety instructions

  • Use a fireproof censer and never let it burn unattended.
  • Place the censer on a straight and fireproof surface.
  • When smoking, make sure that the distance between the flame and the sieve is large enough to prevent the incenses from igniting.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is burning incense toxic?
  • Can burn incense be healthy?
  • May be burn incense during pregnancy?
  • Can I also burn incense with children?
  • How should I store the incense materials?

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