Candles and above all scented candles are something great. And you have even more joy in them, if you observe a few small rules of the game. Then they burn longer and smell better too.


  1. Burn time
  2. Wick Care
  3. The right place
  4. Put out Candles
  5. Security
  6. Miscellaneous

Short form

  • Always leave the candle burning at least until the entire surface is liquid, but not longer than four hours.
  • The ideal wick length is 5-10 mm. You should shorten a longer wick. Do not throw wick and matches into the candle and remove debris.
  • Place candles at least 5 cm apart. Pay attention to a straight, stable surface and avoid wind and drafts.
  • Do not blow your candle out, but suffocate the flame.
  • Never leave candles unattended.

Burning time

The most important for a long life and a lot of scent of the candle is the minimum burning time. The candle must burn until the entire surface has melted. That’s about 2 hours with our candles. Make the candle before, eats a “tunnel” in the candle. This shortens the total burning time of the candle to a fraction, as all the wax remains at the edge of the candle. In the worst case, the candle does not even burn properly.

In addition, the candle should not burn for more than 4 hours nonstop. After this time let the candle cool down until the surface has hardened again. So you can shorten the wick again, before it starts to sting more. In addition, it is better for the distribution of fragrance ingredients, if you do not burn the candle too long and re-ignite instead. The ever warmed surface of the candle always smells a little less intense than the new wax. Because here a part of the fragrance oil has already escaped through the heat.

The wick

Before lighting, you should shorten the wick to 5-10mm. This reduces soot formation. The length of the wick affects the size of the candle flame.

Be careful not to cut too hard. If the wick is too short, the flame is too small to melt the entire wax layer. Then it comes again to tunneling.

The charred excess length can be easily removed by hand. A wick scissors is not necessary.

The right Place

Place the candle on a flat surface so that it burns off evenly. Pay attention to as little wind or drafts as possible. Because even air movements make the candle burn obliquely and irregularly. The same applies to candles which are placed too close together. Therefore, we recommend a minimum distance of 5cm to other candles.

Extinguish the candle

Do you know that? The candle smells great, but after blowing it smokes really and smells even burned. With a scented candle, this is not necessarily the effect you want to create. And especially with candles with wood, it even thickened when it was blown out. So do not blow it out, but suffocate the flame. There are candle extinguishers. This is a small bell that you put over the wick until it is extinguished. Alternatively, you can use something not combustible to close the glass until the candle goes out and the smoke is gone.


An ignited candle is an open fire. That sounds trivial, but you should not forget. Never leave burning candles unattended – especially when children or pets are nearby. Also, a certain distance to combustible materials (curtains, shelves, books) is highly recommended.

And if you ever got liquid wax on your skin, you also know that a walk with a burning candle can end painfully. Do not run around with it.


If the candle has arrived at some point at the end of the glass you can either continue to use (only at 70 degrees in the dishwasher rinse) or dispose completely environmentally friendly. The glass comes in the container, the wick holder made of aluminum is recyclable and the label goes into the paper waste.

Scented Candles



Scented Candles



Scented Candles