Fragrant Wax Melts

Scented wax is just as easy to use as incense sticks, but is suitable for several applications. Note these short tips for safe use and long, fragrant evenings.


  1. How do I use fragrant wax?
  2. Clean the fragrance lamp
  3. Sustainable and ecological?

Short form

  • No water present. Dangerous!
  • If the scent subsides, remove wax and use new ones.
  • Simply wipe out any warm wax with a cloth.
  • Dispose the wax in the residual waste.
  • Rapeseed wax is sustainable and ecological.

How do I use fragrant wax?

Scented wax is best used in a scented lamp with a tealight. Please do not add water. There are also electronic models that work with a built-in heater.

The wax is “used up” after the burning time. That means the intensity of the scent wears off, but the wax is not burned. This is because there is no direct contact with the flame.

Remove the wax residue (see Cleaning the fragrance lamp) and use a new piece. It is not much more expensive than using incense, for example.

Clean the fragrance lamp

Slightly cooled but still soft, the wax can easily be removed with a paper towel. The wax can be disposed of in the residual waste without any problems.

Remnants can be removed very well with hot water and a little washing-up liquid.

Sustainable and ecological?

Our rapeseed wax is free of paraffin and similarly sustainable as soy wax. We use it because of the slightly better fragrance properties.

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