Sustainable packaging

We not only think about ecologically sensible products, but also want everything to come to you in the most sustainable way possible.

Short form

  • 100% vegan
  • 100% without plastic
  • Very high proportion of grass and recycled paper
  • Very small proportion of normal paper – from FSC cultivation

Shipping boxes

Our boxes consist of 35% grass paper and 65% recycled paper. This is even more environmentally friendly than regular cardboard boxes made from recycled paper. The materials for the boxes made of grass paper are regionally obtained and processed regionally. For our boxes, not a single tree was felled.

Packing Tape

Our tape is made of recycled paper without silicone and with vegan glue.

Padding material

All material for upholstering and wrapping consists of recycled paper or paper from sustainable cultivation.


All other things such as labels and delivery notes are either made from recycled paper or from sustainable FSC cultivation.

PS: Sometimes we reuse boxes and packaging material with which we get our materials. We think that’s a good thing, even if there is still plastic on it. We cannot control the entire supply chain and simply throwing it away is stupid 😉